Why Participate

Being a participant makes you an active advocate for a cure for your medical condition. This introduces you to an innovative regime that has the potential to treat and eliminate your ailment. You get to be one of the first of the population receiving a potentially transforming medicine or medical device. This allows you to be in charge of a life situation especially if you have exhausted all standard methods of treatment which was of little use to you.

In a clinical trial, our best doctors and researchers are on your case, monitoring closely all changes and conditions in your ailment. You receive the best treatment without having to worry about insurance or an expense. All the laboratory tests, analyses, medical exams and procedures are available at your disposal at no charge.

You help advance medicine and drug development-a great reward in itself. In addition, you are compensated for your invaluable contribution and time.

List of Featured Clinical Trials


Diabetic foot ulcer, Venous leg ulcer, Onychomycosis, Plantar fasciitis


Treatment of kidney disease


Bacterial vaginosis, Genital wars


Atopic dermatitis, Psoriasis, Wars

Mental Health

Mayor Depressive disorder, Anxiety, Bipolar disorder