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Our purposeful approach to finding cures of the most notorious diseases in Podiatry, Nephrology, Internal Medicine, Ophthalmology, Vascular and Dentistry among other disciplines of medicine, through principled research has made us a name to reckon with. We conduct several hundred trials in these areas with dedicated teams. Our research is backed by path-breaking groundwork and several decades of cumulative research experience. Our Clinical Scientists are on a mission to improve the quality of human lives living with these diseases. Our support staff is certified, top of the class personnel aligned to assist you with even most basic requirements and queries. We count on innovation to cure the world’s diseases and on You to bring these innovations to the world. Let’s transform healthcare one research at a time.


Diabetic foot ulcer, Venous leg ulcer, Onychomycosis, Plantar fasciitis


Treatment of kidney disease


Bacterial vaginosis, Genital wars


Atopic dermatitis, Psoriasis, Wars

Mental Health

Mayor Depressive disorder, Anxiety, Bipolar disorder

Participating in a Trial
Participating in a clinical trial is the most effective strategy to get to know more about your medical condition, especially after you have exhausted all other methods of treatments. They provide you access to innovative treatment that has the potential to manage or even eliminate the discomfort of your disease. It is also a great way to stand up for the community and advance medical science by helping scientists to understand and treat a disease better. Would you consider participating in a Clinical Trial with us at Royal Research? Contact us to know more about your eligibility for a trial.

Our path-breaking research is backed by decades of cumulative experience and makes us a name to reckon with. We conduct several hundred trials throughout various disciplines including Podiatry, Nephrology Internal Medicine Ophthalmology Vascular Dentistry among others which entail cures for some of the most notorious diseases in all these fields because our scientists strive towards improving quality human life living with them.

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Our premium research facility in South Florida reaches out to the diverse population of Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Home to world class specialists and highly trained staff, our facility, allows us to focus our work on bespoke research studies. We are therefore able to accelerate discovery, deliver accurate results and facilitate an early go-to market. Our partners are some of the most reliable names in the pharmaceutical industry and medical technology trust us to transform healing and advance medicine throughout the world. Join Royal Research Corp. in order to launch the most potent health care instruments into the world.