How Much Do Clinical Trials Pay?

How Much Do Clinical Trials Usually Pay?

Participating in a research trial is a good source to make some extra cash by contributing towards a noble cause. But you must understand that in doing so, there may be certain risks which you might have to assess before taking any decision. It is prudent to discuss your decision with your doctors and have their good will on your side before you sign up for a trial.

Even clinical trials are invasive and non-invasive in nature. Some people choose to minimise their risks of adverse reactions by participating only in non-invasive studies. However, you must choose to be a part of the study if it aligns with your risk taking ability and also your medical condition. A decent monetary benefit can be carved if you are comfortable with the risks associated with a study.

Having said that, different studies come up with different pay scales. On an average you can expect to make no less than $50-$300 per day to contribute to the study. The compensation and various terms and conditions of it is spelled out clearly in the Informed Consent Form or trial documents that you receive from the research facility.